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choosing a 4-year [Jun. 23rd, 2010|08:17 pm]
Accountants - new, experienced, aspiring


I'm currently at a community college in Illinois, finishing up my 17th credit directly related to an A.S. in accounting this summer, with 71 credits coming in from the University of Minnesota, and 22 more credits worth of classes left to complete my A.S., which I'm scheduled for in spring 2011. However, I realized that I'll be losing my financial aid at the community college once I hit 90 credits, so I need to switch to a 4-year A.S.A.P. Now, because of my job situation, I'm essentially limited to the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, or an online-only program. So I have a question for all of you accounting types (or generally "types who have picked colleges"):
- What are employers looking for in their applicants educations/training? Should I make sure I enroll in a program that has opportunities to take classes with honors credit? What about one-on-one work with professors, similar to what liberal ed. students tend to aim for to boost their academic resumes?
- Are any online programs particularly known for their accounting programs? Are there any warnings signs of a "flimsy" accounting program?
- Would it be better to attend an established state university (i.e. the University of Minnesota) that has an online campus vs. a university that's predominantly online (i.e. the University of Phoenix)?
- Even for brick-and-mortar universities, how did you go about picking a four-year university if you transferred after deciding you wanted to go into accounting, or a master's program after getting your bachelor's?
- Are there any good forums online that I might be able to get further answers from?
- Will I be missing out on anything by not picking up my A.S. before getting my B.S.? I was thinking I might be able to get a better "student job" or internship with an A.S. than simply 2 years through my B.S., but then again maybe employers would prefer an A.A.S. for that, and the A.S. itself wouldn't be worth anything except for transferring to a 4-year. (For that matter, is a 4-year more likely to accept me if I have an A.S. under my belt?)
Any other advice you can think of to give to me would be greatly appreciated.